Investor FAQs

Investor FAQs

Investor FAQs

How many people does EXFO employ worldwide?

EXFO employs approximately 1,900 people worldwide.

When was EXFO incorporated?

EXFO was incorporated on September 18, 1985. For more information about the company, click here.

Where are EXFO's headquarters?

EXFO is a global corporation with headquarters based in Quebec City, Canada.

Who are EXFO's Executive Officers and Directors?

A complete listing is available here.

When is the next earnings release?

EXFO’s next earnings announcement will be held on July 14, 2021.

What is EXFO's fiscal year-end?

EXFO's fiscal year ends on August 31.

How can I access past earnings releases?

Click here for past earnings releases.

How can I access EXFO documents filed with regulatory authorities?

EXFO's public filings can be accessed here.

If I suspect any wrongdoing at EXFO, how do I file a complaint?

Click here to send an e-mail to EXFO's Lead Director.

How do I obtain an EXFO investor package?

Please click here and fill out the order form.

How do I contact EXFO's Investor Relations Department?

Investor Relations Department
400 Godin Avenue
Vanier, Quebec G1M 2K2
Tel.: (418) 683-0211

Who should I contact regarding my stock certificate?

Please direct all stock certificate questions to our transfer agent:

AST Trust Company (Canada)

1 Toronto Street, Suite 1200
Toronto, ON M5C 2V6 CANADA
Tel.: 1 800 387-0825 (USA and Canada)
Tel.: (416) 682-3860 (from other countries)

United States
AST Trust Company

6201 15th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11219 USA
Tel.: (718) 921-8124

What is a transfer agent?

A transfer agent and registrar for a publicly held company keeps a record of every outstanding stock certificate and the name of the person to whom it is registered. When stock changes hands, the transfer agent transfers the ownership of the stock from the seller's name to the buyer's name. The registrar reconciles all transfer records and makes sure that the number of shares debited is equal to the number of shares credited.

How do I obtain information about my shareholder account or make changes to this account (i.e., address or other information)?

Such requests should be made through our transfer agent or through your broker.

Who are EXFO's auditors?

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Place de la Cité, Tour Cominar
2640 Laurier Blvd., Suite 1700
Sainte-Foy, Quebec G1V 5C2
Tel.: (418) 522-7001

On what exchanges does EXFO's stock trade?

EXFO's subordinate voting shares (hereinafter referred to as "shares") are listed on the NASDAQ stock market and Toronto Stock Exchange.

When was the date of your initial public offering (IPO) and what was the offer price?

Our IPO date was June 30, 2000. The offer price was US$26 (C$38.55) per share.

Does EXFO pay a dividend on its shares?

EXFO does not currently pay a dividend on its shares. We intend to reinvest profits in our business long-term growth. If a change is made regarding the payment of a dividend for shares, it will be communicated to all shareholders.

What is EXFO's ticker symbol?


How can I obtain EXFO's stock price?

Click here for delayed stock prices on NASDAQ and TSX, as well as other information about EXFO shares.

Has EXFO ever had a follow-on offering?

EXFO closed a follow-on offering of 5.2 million shares on February 19, 2004 for net proceeds of $29.2 million (C$38.4 million).

How many EXFO shares are outstanding?

EXFO has approximately 55 million shares outstanding.

What firms provide analyst coverage of EXFO's stock?

EXFO is covered by several sell-side analysts in Canada and the United States. A complete list can be found here.